Build To Give 2020

11 December 2020


Another Build To Give campaign is complete! It’s sometimes hard to believe that this is our fourth year partnering with LEGO to deliver these sets to children in hospital.

This year has been extremely different to previous ones because of Covid 19. We made a very early decision not to visit hospitals personally as we usually would because of safety concerns for patients, staff and ourselves. We have without doubt missed the donation experience, but the important thing is that the children still receive the LEGO sets, no matter how they get there.
Initially we didn’t think we would be able to match last years total of 135 settings. Despite everything though we have managed to send over 40,000 sets to 177 different hospitals. That’s over 40,000 children who will receive the gift of play!!
None of this just happens and several people need to be thanked for their incredible contributions. First of all our friends at LEGO who have been working with us all year to try and make this a success. Sarah, Andrea, Katrin, Henrik and David have been unwavering in their support. The dynamic packing duo of Leanne and Graham who opened up over 40,000 sets and repacked them into 1234 shipping boxes. Dean our wonderful DHL driver who came every day to load up pallet after pallet of sets. Finally Sally and Irene who kept the troops going with a weekly supply of baked goods. Monday morning fast became like Bake Off!
Thanks everyone reading this for your incredible support.  We will leave you with our final map of the campaign, the final delivery to Halifax (which we did ourselves) and Nevaeh happily building in Bristol.