About Fairy Bricks

Fairy Bricks has one very simple objective. To give LEGO to children in hospital. When we tell people that they often pause before they respond, anticipating for us to say something else but that really is it. Our charitable aim is very simple and straightforward, and as a charity we act in a very similar way.


From humble beginnings and a single hospital donation in 2012, we now aim to deliver LEGO to over 200 hospitals throughout the UK and 26 other countries per year.


Play is a vital part of the recovery process when children are in hospital. It provides comfort, distraction and is even used as an educational tool by Play Specialists to assist children with procedures they have to endure. LEGO itself as a product is perfect for this. It is an item many children are already familiar with and can provide an instant escape at a very difficult time. Then by it’s very nature when tomorrow comes it can be rebuilt to help the same child with something else or move to another child to start the process all over again.