Corporate Sponsors

We are very lucky and extremely grateful to have some fantastic Corporate Sponsors!

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, the leading global investment bank, were the inspiration behind our Stay & Play days back in 2015.

They wanted to get involved with a donation but not just a financial element, they wanted their staff to volunteer and become engaged with our work through their Community Team Work Scheme so the Stay & Play day was developed. We visited the Evelina Hospital in London with ten members of staff and our own volunteers. The day was a resounding success. We retained our membership of the CTW Scheme and in 2016 & 2017 again visited the Evelina in London and added a second day at Mt Sinai Children’s Hospital in New York. Again both days were extremely well received and we are delighted with this ongoing partnership.


LEGO themselves have been aware of our work from a very early stage, offering advice and support wherever possible. In late 2016 things developed a stage further and following some discussions they expressed some interest in getting involved with a Stay & Play day local to their London office. The Evelina was again the perfect choice and we visited there with ten members of LEGO staff in November 2016. Rather like the Goldman Sachs days, it proved to be a resounding success, so much so that LEGO committed resources to six similar days in 2017, two of which have already happened at the Royal London Hospital and the Royal Berkshire in Reading.

Microsoft UK

Microsoft UK became involved with Fairy Bricks following a staff driven initiative we were given permission to visit Microsoft HQ in Reading in early 2017 to complete a mosaic building experience with staff and visitors. The day was focused on fundraising and awareness with staff given the opportunity to donate for each section of LEGO mosaic they built. Over £2000 was raised and Microsoft also allowed their resources to be used to provide us with high quality media rich content that can be shown to other prospective corporate supporters.


Brickset is the leading LEGO fan based website in the world featuring an extensive database of LEGO sets, news and a forum for fans to connect worldwide. Huw Millington, Brickset’s owner, has always been a supporter with a variety of donations since our very beginning and in 2016 he committed to sponsoring an initiative at our own event Bricktastic which enabled us to give a small LEGO set to every child attending the show.