Our Work

When we visit a hospital, we insist on working with their ward Play Specialists. They are the people charged with focusing on a child’s mental well-being while a hospital patient, the people to provide activities and distractions at a very difficult time. LEGO provides a perfect tool for them to work with. It’s a product most children are already familiar with so it provides an instant comfort level and then provides an ongoing stimulus through its ability to be rebuilt repeatedly. Play is an established, proven part of the recovery process and the sets we deliver provide a much needed resource.

Our donations are currently structured in two different ways

  1. Standard deliveries. We visit a hospital with new LEGO sets and deliver them directly to the Play Specialists. They take ownership of the sets and use them as they see fit for the patients in their care.
  2. Stay & Play days. We visit with the same amounts of LEGO but take with us a team of volunteers (usually from a single corporate supporter) and stay for the day building sets in hospital playrooms or where appropriate at the bedside for children unable to move from bed. Find out more about these days by visiting our Corporate Sponsors page.


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